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3 Ways to Improve Wellness Today



Small steps forward are more productive than immobility.

The last few weeks, the Pacific Northwest has been hit by several unusual weather events. Many areas of the country are accustomed to dealing with snow and ice and life continues to move forward, albeit a bit more slowly. In Oregon, anything resembling a white flake in the sky is cause to shut down schools and send people running to the grocery store in a panic. You must stock up now for Snowpocolypse 2017.

Tens of thousands of people become immobile. People cancel medical and mental health appointments. They hole up in their homes, drinking hot chocolate and hoping that the weather will return to normal by tomorrow and secretly praying for another snow day.

Choosing wellness means choosing to move forward, even with the smallest of steps. In fact, experience shows us that small steps are usually more sustainable than giant leaps forward.

Wellness is the fruit of planning and commitment to the plan. You must make time to create wellness in your life:

to think

to play

to do


Slow down. Stress and burnout is fueled by over action. Take time each day to simply think. Develop a daily ritual which includes meditation, prayer and journaling. Read deeply and widely about many subjects. Give yourself time to reflect on your reading, your wellness, your relationships, and your community.

Time to think gives you space to work through problems, generate ideas and just be.


Play and fun are the fuel of creativity. Dance, sing, skip, exercise and move your body daily. Draw, paint, color, cook, and dream. Take vacations, travel to cities and countries that you haven’t visited before. Attend community theater, poetry readings, and art gallery receptions.

Fill you mind and body with color, light and energy.


Create a plan to accomplish the tasks on your wellness plan, to build relationships, manage self- care, and achieve your career goals. Use a planner or bullet journal and identify 2-3 tasks that you can accomplish each day to move you closer to your wellness goals.


When the lights fade, what’s next?

2013 draws to an end, lighting the way for 2014.

2013 draws to an end, lighting the way for 2014.

The Christmas lights are still up. Driving around town at night reveals the winter wonderland that is my community.

But, it is January 1st. It is the first day of so many yet to be unfulfilled resolutions. Many people will fall off the wagon by the weekend. Others will last until February. Most will have completely forgotten their resolutions by the time the calendar turns to spring.

Sounds dismal. But it needn’t be.

Most resolutions are super-sized goals, much like the super value meal at McDonald’s that we have resolved to avoid. Resolutions are often an all or nothing affair. “I will stop smoking.” “I will lose 20 pounds.” The problem is that most resolutions lack the structure that they need to come to fruition. A resolution without a plan, without action steps, without focus is just a resolution.

So, as 2014 comes flying in and we wave good-bye to 2013, I resolve not to make resolutions again. Instead, I am choosing one word to focus on. One word which will define my path for the year. The one word movement has been growing over recent years and is gaining momentum due to it’s simplicity. Simple, but complex.  Want more information?  Check out the websites below and discover for yourself.